High Percentage Dark Chocolate

High percentage dark chocolate from roasted cocoa that is not astringent like grocery store chocolate.

Raw Chocolate from raw cocoa beans

Chocolate made directly from raw, unroasted cocoa that has a surprisingly smoother, softer taste than roasted cocoa chocolate.

Maple Chocolate

Chocolate made with pure organic maple sugar.

Dairy free milk chocolate

Raw chocolate made with raw organic hemp milk and pure raw organic coconut cream

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We tried your chocolate before and loved it. We consume chocolate on a regular basis and tried different high cacao content brands (>85%) but I think your 92% maple is so far the best (in terms of taste and perhaps health benefit) and was really excited to hear you are going to release the 100% version.    Linh, Montreal QC

j’aimerais vous remerciez de faire des chocolats sans lactose…….je m’en privais depuis 15 ans…….
merci, Nicole

Impressed Customer